We had the opportunity to Bridge the Gap with Yung Andrew and learn his story. Holden Stephan Roy enjoyed this interview and learning about this Montreal artist. Make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.


00:00 Intro
05:02 Growing up with an Ipod and loving to sing
12:35 Writing every day in the pandemic
16:17 Music is about relating
20:33 You have to go for what you want
28:38 Can't abuse auto-tune
31:47 Life is about priorities
37:21 Hard to be an indie artist
48:30 Songwriters and freestylers
55:33 Yung Andrew wants to work with people
57:04 Leveraging social media to prep for a mixtape
01:02:45 Talking about the VR world
01:06:45 A lil tangent on drugs
01:10:37 Discussing the new passports
01:17:06 The social credit system is a legitimate fear
01:26:14 Government really just in it for the cash
01:31:43 Interpreting stats is its own art
01:38:33 Investing and gambling
01:45:23 Get ready for the Yung Andre tape
01:49:57 Outro

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