We are back with another episode of The "Classic" Quest, the show where we break down albums like Aesop Rock X Blockhead - Garbology and give it a review. Holden Stephan Roy and Your Lady Friend Bonnie are here with our thoughts and we're excited to see what you think in the comments.

00:00 Intro
10:04 The Only Picture
14:56 Jazz Hands
21:45 Wolf Piss
28:40 Ledgermain
35:49 Difficult
43:15 All the Smartest People
49:31 Oh Fudge
54:48 More Cycles
01:01:31 Flamingo Pink
01:09:20 All Day Breakfast (Ft. Homeboy Sandman)
01:14:11 Fizz
01:20:22 That Is Not A Wizard
01:27:20 The Sea
01:31:12 Abandoned Mall - Garbology album review grade reveal

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