We are super glad to have the chance to Bridge the Gap with Travis Bryant for the third time and hear what he has to say. Holden Stephan Roy held it down and we all learned a lot. Make sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

00:00 Intro
09:55 Covid effects creativity
16:43 Freddy Gruesome making moves
26:12 Adapting to different platforms is a flex
33:31 Early Green Day put the work in
38:58 Usually publicity is good
43:55 NFTs broken down by folk who barely understand it all
58:46 The English Montreal Hip Hop media scene
01:05:28 The way people treat pop stars has changed
01:15:47 Save up money and make moves
01:20:46 Assets help you become a millionaire
01:31:41 Getting into NFTs over Twitter
01:37:07 Harry Potter parties
01:42:05 Travis' mom's cat IS the Thug Life cat
01:47:53 Jerry Springer vs Maury
01:57:39 Demi Lovato time
02:12:41 Getting into graphic design
02:22:48 DMS did the work
02:30:18 Buiding content helps the city
02:38:07 Becoming someone new
02:44:14 Gots to be an interesting interviewer
02:53:48 Media training matters
03:01:04 Avril Lavigne still cool
03:07:56 Run up the Littyyy Montreal Playlist
03:17:48 Transcribing lyrics sucks
03:27:49 Montreal accent a thing
03:31:38 Jay Prince owns Drake
03:38:43 Things build lives of their own
03:40:29 Outro

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